Rittenhouse and Arbery: The Jury’s Role in Justice

Recently, I gave my predictions on the Rittenhouse trial while it was still happening. I predicted acquittal, and I was proven correct on November 19th. On the same day, jury instructions were debated in the Ahmaud Arbery trial; the instructions were such a departure from the defense’s interpretation of the law that a guilty verdictContinue reading “Rittenhouse and Arbery: The Jury’s Role in Justice”

Why 9/11 Families and the Taliban are Fighting for Billions in Frozen Funds.

Over $7 billion dollars lie in Afghanistan’s central bank account at the Federal Reserve and with Taliban rule still in it’s early stages, a plethora of legal, national security, and political problems surround the money. The Taliban claims that the money is rightfully theirs while others attest that the money should be given to theContinue reading “Why 9/11 Families and the Taliban are Fighting for Billions in Frozen Funds.”

27 Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense Buffer Zone

Taiwan rushed to deploy combat aircraft and missile systems Sunday, November 28th, to warn Chinese aircraft to leave their air defense buffer zone. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported that China had sent 27 combat aircraft into close proximity with Taiwan and is part of Beijing’s increasing trend to put pressure on the island. China’s latest excursionContinue reading “27 Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense Buffer Zone”

Ahmaud Arbery Trial Continues in GA

Last year, Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot by three men: Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael, and neighbor William Bryan recorded as he was seen jogging in February of 2020 in Brunswick, Georgia. Today, these men are undergoing trial to come to a verdict based on the information and evidence presented. In the trial,Continue reading “Ahmaud Arbery Trial Continues in GA”

Austrian Lockdown and Vaccine Mandate Implemented to Fight Soaring Covid Cases

On Monday, Austria became the first country in western Europe to return to lockdown since vaccines have rolled out. A new wave of COVID-19 cases has spread rapidly across Europe and many countries are considering enforcing vaccine mandates or reinstating lockdowns. “We are in a highly dramatic situation. What is in place now is notContinue reading “Austrian Lockdown and Vaccine Mandate Implemented to Fight Soaring Covid Cases”

Access To Space Threatened by Space Debris

This past Monday a sleeping crew onboard the International Space Station was woken up and ordered to take shelter in their spacecraft in case the station was hit by passing debris from a Russian anti-satellite missile test. The seven people currently onboard the space station which include cosmonauts from the US, Russia, and Europe wereContinue reading “Access To Space Threatened by Space Debris”

Trump Confidant, Steve Bannon, Taken Into Custody

On Monday November 15th Steve Bannon, a confidant of former President Donald Trump, surrendered to federal authorities after he was indited Friday on two counts of contempt. Bannon refused to cooperate with Congress when he defied a subpoena from the House Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. According to the Justice Department, Bannon refused toContinue reading “Trump Confidant, Steve Bannon, Taken Into Custody”

Highlights and Predictions as Rittenhouse Trial Concludes

I have been watching the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse via live-stream for the past two weeks. It has been, quite frankly, exciting – from both a legal and factual perspective. Here are my highlights from the last two weeks: For those unaware: here is an article recapping the events which made Kyle Rittenhouse a figureContinue reading “Highlights and Predictions as Rittenhouse Trial Concludes”

How Do Virginia’s Elections Impact the Furure of Politics?

With Biden’s midterm election quickly approaching, cracks are starting to show in the Democrat’s hold on the legislature across the country. Republican’s completed an election sweep in Virginia as they won the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. A Republican hadn’t won the governor’s race in Virginia since 2009. With these victories, RepublicansContinue reading “How Do Virginia’s Elections Impact the Furure of Politics?”

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Awaits President Biden’s Signature

A $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill was passed by congress on November 5 and is being sent to President Joe Biden’s desk where it awaits his signature. The house passed the bipartisan plan for the bill on Friday night. Saturday, President Biden said he will hold a signing ceremony when legislators return from recesses. TheContinue reading “$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Awaits President Biden’s Signature”

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