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Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

There’s no telling what will be in or out for a certain season fashion wise. We can only make predictions on what people will be wearing this summer. Here’s a forecast of what will likely be in this upcoming summer. Not just a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket, but denim everything willContinue reading “Summer 2023 Fashion Trends”

The Arguments Against Live Action Remakes

It seems like live action remakes of previous, beloved animated movies have been all Disney has put out in the last few years. Indeed, Disney has produced fourteen live action adaptations of their animated films in the last seven years. The most memorable ones include The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The LionContinue reading “The Arguments Against Live Action Remakes”

Moving away from minimalism and what this means for real estate.

Over the past few decades, minimalist designs have become more popular in home decor, art, and public infrastructure. While minimalism has existed for centuries (look at Buddhist minimalism or the legacy of Greek philosopher Diogenes), it was not recognized as an official art movement until the 1960s. Minimalism emerged in art, music, and design asContinue reading “Moving away from minimalism and what this means for real estate.”

Supporting Conservation Action

If anything proves the importance of conservation efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats, it’s the International Union for Conservation of Nature‘s Red List. According to their research, more than 42,100 species are threatened with extinction–that’s about 28% of all assessed species–and humans are at the heart of the issue. Displacement and eradication ofContinue reading “Supporting Conservation Action”

The Best Foods for Vibrant Skin and Hair

Everyone wants luminous skin and lustrous hair. While most would turn to products to achieve this, it can also come from within, meaning that the foods we eat can have just as much an impact. Our skin and hair can be very telling of our health. A well balanced diet can encourage healthier skin andContinue reading “The Best Foods for Vibrant Skin and Hair”

How Serious Can a Shopping Addiction Be?

Most wouldn’t consider a shopping addiction an addiction at all, let alone anything serious. Retail therapy doesn’t strike many as a concern. However, there is indeed a difference between occasional leisure shopping and a shopping addiction. If shopping habits become extreme, it may qualify as a clinical behavioral disorder. Such behaviors become problematic when anContinue reading “How Serious Can a Shopping Addiction Be?”

How Water Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress

There’s something about being in or around water that does something positive for you, even if you can’t pinpoint it. It turns out, water can be used as a therapy for stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and feelings of calmness and being at ease. Being surrounded by the ocean, a lake, river, or any otherContinue reading “How Water Can Reduce Anxiety and Stress”

How Much do Appearances Matter in Job Interviews?

Does looking well groomed, presentable, and hygienic make you more likely to get the job? Is it an indicator that if a person puts effort into their look, that’s how much effort they’ll put into their work? I’d like to think so. The right qualifications, skills, and experience for the job can get someone far.Continue reading “How Much do Appearances Matter in Job Interviews?”