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Convicted Floridian Felons Allowed to Vote in 2020 Presidential Election: What It Could Mean on a National Level

Under Florida’s Amendment 4, convicted felons who have served their sentences are voting for the first time, an act that could potentially swing the 2020 presidential election. Amendment 4, the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative, was crafted to “automatically restore the right to vote for people with prior felony convictions, except those convicted ofContinue reading “Convicted Floridian Felons Allowed to Vote in 2020 Presidential Election: What It Could Mean on a National Level”

A Glimpse into California’s Proposition 17 – Voting Rights Amendment

Background and Summary of the Proposal:  California’s State Constitution allows most U.S. citizens to vote, even individuals who are currently in county jail or county probation. But it prohibits individuals who are in state prison or on state parole to register to vote. Proposition 17 will amend the State Constitution and enable individuals on stateContinue reading “A Glimpse into California’s Proposition 17 – Voting Rights Amendment”

What Amy Coney Barrett’s Conformation Means for Our Future

As the election draws closer, President Trump has wasted no time filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court. After the passing of the great Justice Ginsburg, the President appointed judge Amy Coney Barret to fill her spot. She is set to be confirmed by the Senate this Monday, and people are worried about this potential justicesContinue reading “What Amy Coney Barrett’s Conformation Means for Our Future”

Trump VS Biden: Presidential Debates Conclude

The Presidential debates concluded on October 22nd after two interesting debates and two different Town Hall’s interviewing both Presidential nominees, incumbent Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. The first debate was highly discussed after its airing on September 29th. Many viewers discussed Trump’s personal attacks on Biden’s family, his interruptions, and suggestions of microphone muting.Continue reading “Trump VS Biden: Presidential Debates Conclude”



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