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Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

There’s no telling what will be in or out for a certain season fashion wise. We can only make predictions on what people will be wearing this summer. Here’s a forecast of what will likely be in this upcoming summer. Not just a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket, but denim everything will…

The Arguments Against Live Action Remakes

It seems like live action remakes of previous, beloved animated movies have been all Disney has put out in the last few years. Indeed, Disney has produced fourteen live action adaptations of their animated films in the last seven years. The most memorable ones include The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion…

Protests in Florida

On June 1st, immigrants living in Florida went out and protested against Governor Ron de Santis Anti-Immigration law. SB 1718 was signed by Governor De Santis in May and this bill has penalties for undocumented people in the State of Florida and also has felony charges for people who are transporting undocumented immigrants across state…

Moving away from minimalism and what this means for real estate.

Over the past few decades, minimalist designs have become more popular in home decor, art, and public infrastructure. While minimalism has existed for centuries (look at Buddhist minimalism or the legacy of Greek philosopher Diogenes), it was not recognized as an official art movement until the 1960s. Minimalism emerged in art, music, and design as…

Supporting Conservation Action

If anything proves the importance of conservation efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats, it’s the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. According to their research, more than 42,100 species are threatened with extinction–that’s about 28% of all assessed species–and humans are at the heart of the issue. Displacement and eradication of…

Debt ceiling deal agreement

A few weeks ago, the United States realized they might run out of cash by June 1st. Hearing this news from economists, President Joe Biden had a meeting with lawmakers to come up with an agreement to avoid this from happening. This week, President Biden and the House of Republicans were able to come to…



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ICALPP 2020: 14. International Conference on Administrative Law, Policy and Practice, San Francisco

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