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Trump’s Tax Returns Arrive in the Hands of Manhattan Prosecutors

In a story that has been culminating since 2011, last week the supreme court voted to allow Donald Trump’s tax returns and other financial documents to be presented to a New York grand jury. The newly enforceable subpoena for the former president’s tax documents was served & enforced on Monday and documents are now inContinue reading “Trump’s Tax Returns Arrive in the Hands of Manhattan Prosecutors”

Supreme Court Denies Election Appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court denied an appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans challenging a  Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that allowed ballots received up to three days late to be counted in the 2020 election. According to CNN, the Republicans backing the appeal emphasized they were not attempting to overturn the election results, but that theContinue reading “Supreme Court Denies Election Appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans”

Are we safe after being fully vaccinated for COVID-19?

The Arizona department of Health services reported 1804 new coronavirus cases this weekend and the total cases in Arizona Statewide has reached 807,987 cases.  Meanwhile, U.S. has almost half a million dead. Most Americans will be expected to wear masks until 2022. “It’s something that is historic. It’s nothing like we’ve ever been though inContinue reading “Are we safe after being fully vaccinated for COVID-19?”



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