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What are walkable cities?

A walkable city is simply a city that prioritizes green transportation like walking or biking. Walkable cities have become popularized by environmentalists who believe that walkable cities are more sustainable and economically beneficial. Walkable cities are also called 15-minute cities because they are, in theory, supposed to be built in a way that pedestrians can reasonably…

6 Papers Everyone Should Know About

Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String In 2007, Dorian M Raymer and Douglas E Smith published a paper titled Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String. They used mathematical knot theory to analyze the complex knots formed in strings when the string was tumbled in a box. While their main focus was to classify the knots…

New Minimum Wage in Arizona

At the start of the new year, Arizona released a new law and regulation regarding the minimum wage upgrade to the state. The minimum wage in Arizona was raised from $12.80 to $13.85 starting January 2023. Over half of the states in the country have raised their minimum wage due to the increase in the…

MH370 – Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was an international flight that was operated by Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8th, 2014, while it was en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Southern Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport in China. As the plane was en route to China, the aircraft lost radar…

Doomscrolling and Negative Media

It seems like social media has penetrated every part of life. On one side of the coin, accomplishments and milestones are celebrated with a cute picture with a witty caption on social media. On the other side, extreme lows and boredom prompt people to find relief in mindless media. Doomscrolling is a term that has…

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an oral presentation or speech given in front of a live audience. It is usually a formal or choreographed affair; however, impromptu speeches are typical and can be career-defining. For example, you might think you’re going to a customer meeting only to be called on to explain a procedural or technical topic…



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ICALPP 2020: 14. International Conference on Administrative Law, Policy and Practice, San Francisco

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