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Kanye West an Example of the Lack of Women’s Protections

If you have not heard of the recent controversy of Kanye West and his divorce then you must not be on social media. As of March 2022, Kim Kardashian has been declared legally single by the US court which caused a spiral of Instagram posts from her now ex-husband Kanye West. He has repeatedly accused Kim Kardashian of denying him the right to see his children and being part of a liberal conspiracy group. Kardashian’s current boyfriend Pete Davidson has also become a victim of West’s Instagram posts and music video depicting Kanye West kidnapping, decapitating, and burying Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian has been pleading for West to stop posting because it was creating a dangerous environment for Pete Davidson. Furthermore, Kim took to Instagram to comment under one of Kanye posts ““Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school” Kany West then went on to accuse her of putting their oldest daughter North West because she was on Tiktok. 

Trevor Noah, the host of  “The Daily Show”, went on to discuss the Kim and Kanye drama. Trevor made note that despite being a woman such as Kim Kardashian who is wealthy, famous, and has all the resources at her disposal still cannot get away from a toxic ex or harassment. Additionally, he informed the audience that this happens in the real world to women who do not have the resources to leave their abusive husbands. Trevor Noah also reached out to Kanye West on the show, urging him to beware of his actions because they might lead him down a dark path. He even went on to express how he has experienced living in an abusive household where he witnessed his mother get shot in the head by his stepfather. 

Being someone such as Kanye West they tend to forget how much power and influence they have. Their followers might view this harassment as funny or okay to be happening. As for Kim Kardashian, despite her feelings, she is experiencing what most everyday women experience: a belligerent ex-husband that they cannot escape from. Women’s protections against harassment need to be taken seriously no matter what their socio-economic status is. Violence against women always gets pushed aside and not taken seriously.

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