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The Supreme Court has officially overturned Roe v. Wade

This post unintentionally and unenthusiastically serves as an epilogue to my previous posting, that of which referred to which states in the US have “trigger laws” in place, anticipating the overturning of Roe v. Wade (1973).

While this case to overturn Roe v. Wade (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) was recorded to have been first argued in December of 2021, to then have a draft being leaked in May 2022- today on June 24th, 2022, the federal protection over women’s constitutional right to chose what can be done to our bodies has officially been taken away, with a 6-3 vote taken by the Supreme Court. What is this decision going to look like in the lens of the United States?

According to NPR, nearly half of the 50 states will immediately ban abortion and the practices of such. To clarify, this decision gives the power to implement abortion bans back to the states, instead of being under federal safeguarding- in which case the states who had “trigger laws” in place before the decision to overturn had been finalized, and other states with prior intentions to do the same, will be able to ban abortions as early as today.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stated that the case of Roe v. Wade must be overturned because they were “egregiously wrong” and that the arguments made in favor of abortion were “exceptionally weak”– so much so that these arguments were “an abuse of judicial authority”. While Justice Alito was speaking on behalf of those justices in favor of the overturning, the three that dissented were Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. The three collectively wrote the following on behalf of the Supreme court decision:

“With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection — we dissent.”

The battle for a woman’s right to choose- while it should never have been a battle at all- has resulted in our nations women, myself included, feeling defeated with the Supreme Courts decision that has been made today. Although their intentions were supposedly under an influence to protect, the impact and the wave of response throughout the country implies that this decision does, and has done, anything but protect.

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