Senator Sinema discusses her push for next round Stimulus Bill.

Kyrsten Sinema - Wikipedia

Senator Sinema has been fiercely advocating on the behalf of Arizonians to push for another Bi Partisan discussion into creating another round of Stimulus for the country relief effort during this pandemic. She made it clear in the on call discussion forum, in which CIMA Law management assistants attended, that the CARES Act was a good stepping stone however it is not enough.

As we know this has become hardest times we have faced in decades since World War II and Senator Sinema believes we need to come together from both parties to decide how to keep people from going under and get the economy running safely. She explained to the organizers of the meeting that she has 5 points she believes are the most crucial for not just Arizonians but as well the country if we can get another bill going.

Immediately cut red

We need to cut this red tape mistakes we have been running into this past couple of months. The federal government must develop distribution systems so that state, local and tribal governments are not forced to bid against one another to receive this crucial equipment for our hospitals and first responders. 

Boost the production and distribution of more personal protective equipment.

We shouldn’t be fighting each other for PPE we need to help one another out so we can all get the necessary protective supplies for frontline workers and first responders who are at the forefront of this epidemic war.

Strengthen the Paycheck Protection Program

It will allow $10 million dollars to small businesses that can provide for the payroll of their employees and operational expenses and make it easier for small businesses to tap into the loan since it will soon dry up.

Unemployment insurance

All Arizonians are guaranteed to get need support during these hard times including that of Supplemental Security Income or veteran income should not be denied rebate.

Invest in Broadband internet

800,000 Arizonians do not have internet resources especially those in rural areas that need such tools for their kids to go to school online and such. She wants to expand our broadband service and invest more in our schools but especially community colleges who have allowed people to get their degree at a reasonable price.

Develop housing assistance legislature and advocate for the forgiveness assurance.

One person on the phone asked Senator Sinema how she is going to protect, property owners of rental properties? and her response was There is  $50 billion dollar coverage by the state legislature for mortgages, However, only a small percentage has been given out which defeats the purpose of helping people pay their housing bills especially for property owners. On the federal level, She wants to increase  $75 billion for housing assistance bill to help pay for rent and mortgages if we have the next round of bipartisan agreements. She has a two-part plan in which focuses on firstly more mortgage driven solutions to give liquidity, so we do not see mass foreclosures and secondly to help renters and property owners pay their bills not just give referrals. She has also been lobbying for more regulatory assurance to stabilize the economy.

Many of the realtors are confused about how the IRS and the SB Treasury have not been clear on their ever-changing policies. Some realtors were concerned about forgiveness assurance since many people have multiple businesses and if one took PPE they cannot get the needed employment tax credit. Senator Sinema believes both have done a shameful job giving out information about forgiveness. She has talked with Munchin and the IRS and they are collaborating together on solving these issues. She has been advocating with the two to have presumptions to be taken good faith of the people using the money correctly. She pointed out that she is Co-sponsor of a bill this week that will relax some of the forgiveness timelines and regulations, which the house approved it and would provide flexibility for PPE.

For CIMA Law Group, it sounded promising that Senator Sinema desired to help both tenants and landlords. However with any politician we will have to see based on a possible stimulus bill if she will truly stick to her guns. If anyone has a concern she asked at the end to contact her directly

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