Nigeria’s Fight to End Police Brutality

As protests continue to occur throughout the United States, other countries are following suit and standing up to injustice. In Nigeria, Citizens are continuing to protest against police brutality. 

The protesters call for systemic reformation and the abolishment of the police unit called the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. The demonstrations began on October 8th, and within three days, the Nigerian government announced its plans to dissolve the force. However, the SARS team’s officers will be reworked into other factions of the force, and the SARS unit will be replaced with the Special Weapons and Tactical Team.

The protesters are not backing down, instead calling for further reform. However, the protesters have been met with a violent reaction. Police officers have shot tear gas, water cannons, and bullets at the peaceful protesters. A similar treatment that American protesters have experienced from our police. At least ten people have died in these protests, and with no end in sight, the protesters are calling for outside help. 

In order to aid the protesters and spread the word, people have taken to Twitter using the hashtag “#ENDSARS.” The feminist coalition and other organizations are also raising money to help the relief efforts, and lawyers are providing their assistance, pro bono, to help protesters be released from prison. 

To learn more about the Nigerian protests or see how you can help, please check out:

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