Dangerous Ingredients in Makeup

Makeup is a powerful artform that connects thousands of people together, it’s relatively cheap and extremely versatile. It seems like everyone uses it in some form or another, and with that, comes a billion dollar industry that is bound to make shortcuts at some point or another. These shortcuts usually amount to companies using harsh chemicals or ingredients that can cause harm to its users. They are also propped up by the fact that there is little regulation over what can be used in makeup products. While the EU bans 1,328 Chemicals from being used in makeup, the United States only bans 11.

Consumers don’t typically look into all of the ingredients that go into their personal makeup products, assuming that its all regulated and safe to use. When in reality education regarding what is put into most personal care products needs to be elevated, companies get away with harming their customers because they aren’t met with the opposition of a well informed consumer. A fairly well known dangerous item used in a lot of products is Talc, used in everything from deodorant to eyeshadow. The issues with Talc were only brought to public attention by large scale lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson. The ingredient is linked to having asbestos, which can cause cancer and issues with organ toxicity

While there are all natural items that are available that do not contain the known harmful ingredients, they are often more expensive and in turn less accessible to the general population. There is a great gap between classes exposed in this, for those who can’t afford a healthier alternative are most vulnerable to the lack of government regulation in these areas. Large scale federal change to current policies is needed to protect all citizens. Current laws within the United States limit the legal abilities of the FDA, not allowing them to approve certain cosmetics or their ingredients. Laws only allow the FDA to intervene if there is already sufficient evidence that products don’t meet standards. These limitations need to be addressed to stop the abuse of the system by large makeup manufacturers that harm underprivileged individuals.

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