Why Do We Fear Semi-Trucks?

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We are no strangers to the dangers about driving on the road alongside semi-trucks, but what is it about them that we fear so much to not want to drive near them? Are they too big for us? Are our cars too small or too big to pass them? Are their trucks going to tip over at any moment? There is so much we do not know about them, yet here we are driving on the same highway. With all these questions we ask ourselves we must at least know the basics about them: how to safely pass them, how to use our lighting, how to stop and how to be on the lookout for distractions.

In Arizona the infamous highway known is the I-17 that stretches from the South of Phoenix to Northern Arizona in Flagstaff. Known also for the fact of being the 4th most dangerous highway in the country. Along this highway is one of the most jammed packed highways with many Semi-trucks along the way. To be able to drive across all 146 miles of this highway there are many things to put into perspective not only with the road but the semi-trucks you might encounter.

There is no doubt that when a semi-truck is going at a below average speed that you will pass them. In order to ensure a safe passing you must be sure to have the left lane available and never stay in the lane for too long. All cars must pass quickly to make sure the driver of the semi-truck can see your car. Otherwise being caught in the blind spot can increase the chances of the semi-truck switching lanes and not seeing your car. Semi-trucks are known to have a larger blind spots than most vehicles so it is imperative that those who are passing react fact but safely.

When driving alongside a semi-truck it is important to know that high beams can temporarily blind the driver. This causing the loss of the sight and an increased chance for an accident to happen along the way. Even for a few seconds it is crucial to both the driver with the high beams and as well as the semi-truck driver.

When trying to stop your own vehicle it is important to be aware of your surroundings and any car or semi-truck that is behind you. If a small car were to brake last minute while a semi-truck is behind them, chances are the small car will be hit at a high speed rate. Semi-trucks take a little longer to stop due to the abundance of weight they have to carry. Which is why when you need to stop your vehicle, signal ahead of time and brake slowly, this will allow the semi-truck to be aware of what steps need to be taken. Whether that be getting into the opposite lane or being able to brake ahead of time.

One the biggest distractions are cell-phones. They may be convenient to use but not while you are driving. This is one of the basic components of driving and there must not be any distractions while doing so. When texting and driving there is an equal amount of danger to you and the people driving next to or around you. Never reach for anything and never have a hand off the wheel. Stay alert and fully focused on the road ahead and any moving vehicles around you.

Although semi-truck drivers are fully trained and prepared to take on the long journeys ahead of them there are still minute factors that weigh into the dangers of getting involved in an accident with them. No one should fear the road ahead of them and that sharing the road is no easy task. Which is why prodiving yourself with the knowledge of what to look out for is one of the many factors that weigh into you either having safe drive or an accident waiting to happen.

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