Arby’s Potential Comeback

It is not uncommon for a fast food restaurant to sell hamburgers, however, in this case, it is.

The fast food chain, Arby’s, better known for their roast beef, is now adding its first ever hamburger to their menu. This would be Arby’s first time offering a hamburger to their customers in nearly 60 years of history.The hamburger being added to their menu is their “Wagyu Steakhouse Burger.” However, just like everything good, there is a catch. This new hamburger will only be available until July 31, for only $5.99.

This new hamburger addition could be a strategical move used by Arby’s in order to gain and maintain their cliental. It is no secret that in comparison to other fast food restaurants, Arby’s lacks some attention. Arby’s has roughly only 3,400 locations, according to Technomic, while McDonald’s for example, has roughly 14,000 locations.

As a result, Arby’s has spent over two years developing their first ever Wagyu hamburger in order to keep up with its competitors.

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