Trump Weighed Options to Attack Iran

President Trump asked for options to attack Iran, just days after the 2020 race was called for Biden. On the 12th of November, United States President Donald J. Trump had assembled senior advisors in the Oval Office to ask whether he could take action against Iran’s most important nuclear weapons site. According to the NewContinue reading “Trump Weighed Options to Attack Iran”

Direct Ballot Initiatives in Favor For Paid Time Off & Higher Taxes On The Rich

Direct ballot initiatives had a significant night on election day. Marijuana won on every ballot it had appeared on. The legalization of all drugs has won in Oregon. Decriminalizing hallucinogenic mushrooms had passed in Washington D.C., and Florida voted to increase the minimum wage with over 60% favorability. However, there have been other direct ballotContinue reading “Direct Ballot Initiatives in Favor For Paid Time Off & Higher Taxes On The Rich”

Kanye West announces ‘Kanye 2024’

Prominent Hip-Hop Rapper, Kanye West, had entered the 2020 election cycle in July, a fashionably late stage of the race. Advocating for the implementation of policies which denounce abortion and prioritize faith. Drawing up a 10 point plan which had included items calling for support for the environment and arts, an anti-interventionist foreign policy, andContinue reading “Kanye West announces ‘Kanye 2024’”

20 Israeli Crypto Executives Hacked

A huge cyber attack had recently occurred on October 6th within Israel, where about 20 Israeli Cryptocurrency Executives were asked to pay digital currency after their phones were hacked and their identities were stolen. The failed cyber attack took place at the beginning of September and was carried out by a sophisticated team that mayContinue reading “20 Israeli Crypto Executives Hacked”

898K Americans Lose Jobs in 1 Months Time

As the election gets closer, the economy is not doing too well and many would even say it is on the brink. According to Columbia University, 8 million people are reported to have slipped into poverty since May, when federal aid dried up in the Coronavirus pandemic. Another analysis conducted by the University of Chicago,Continue reading “898K Americans Lose Jobs in 1 Months Time”

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