Trump Speeding Up Vaccine to Boost Re-Election Numbers?

U.S. President Donald Trump has slammed the newly approved U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules which would make circumstances incredibly difficult to pass a vaccine to be approved before the election. In a tweet Tuesday night, on October 6th, Trump had posted a tweet aimed at FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn stating how “New FDA Rules make it more difficult for them to speed up vaccines for approval before Election Day. Just another political hit job!”. Insider reporting has told that Trump has had multiple conversations with C.E.Os of major drug-maker and pharmaceutical companies to attempt to convince for quicker and more responsive action in accordance with the pandemic. Even going as far as to suggest moving faster than his own health advisors say would be reasonable, and continually asking and pressuring executive board members to accommodate his desire to have a vaccine before Election Day. 

Q&A: How much can Trump push a premature COVID-19 vaccine? - Los Angeles  Times

However, the implications of these actions suggest concerning dilemmas by having rushed a vaccine that is not given enough time to appropriately be utilized for its intended use. With the prioritization of timeliness over quality, analysts believe that citizens would bear paranoia and uncertainty to be considered safe for widespread use. Dr. Esther Choo, an emergency physician and professor at Oregon Health and Science University, condemns the actions of the administration and has little faith in the quality assurance of the vaccine by stating “There just seems to be this huge pressure from an administration that has been very effective at getting everything wrong”. In addition, political theorists and analysts see this as an attempt for Trump to boost his election numbers in order to be known as the presidential face behind its potential eradication and containment. This rampaging of testing processes place safe-guards and restrictions previously established by the FDA and similar agencies at stake to certify the well-being of patients and the population alike. Leaving for many questions that the momentary future will have no issue in answering.

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