Trump’s Federal Income Taxes Upsets Voters

At this point it seems as though Trump’s electoral magic has worn off as Biden’s lead widens the gap for a 2nd term under the current U.S. President. Now, as reports suggest that President Trump has only paid a mere total of $750 in federal income taxes, polling on the topic suggests that his conductContinue reading “Trump’s Federal Income Taxes Upsets Voters”

Trump Speeding Up Vaccine to Boost Re-Election Numbers?

U.S. President Donald Trump has slammed the newly approved U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules which would make circumstances incredibly difficult to pass a vaccine to be approved before the election. In a tweet Tuesday night, on October 6th, Trump had posted a tweet aimed at FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn stating how “New FDAContinue reading “Trump Speeding Up Vaccine to Boost Re-Election Numbers?”

First Presidential Debate sways Voters Opinions

Only two days before President Trump’s hospitalization on Friday, October 2nd, the first presidential debate between President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden featured a chaotic exchange of insults and banter.  The debate consisted of the president repeatedly speaking over his Democratic counterpart and the moderator, Chris Wallace, struggling to mitigate a fire-induced 90-minute spectacle.Continue reading “First Presidential Debate sways Voters Opinions”

Stunning 2020 Voter Turnout Comparison to 2016

Around this time in 2016, September 26th, approximately 9,500 votes had been casted for the Presidential election. Today, within the same point of the year as 2016, over 865,000 votes had already been casted for this years election. Michael McDonald, Professor at the University of Florida, runs the U.S. Elections Project and has reflected hisContinue reading “Stunning 2020 Voter Turnout Comparison to 2016”

Presidential Candidates Under Question of their Mental Fitness?

Analysts from CNBC and Change Research has polled over 4,100 likely general election voters between the days of September 4th through September 6th. The results show stunning conclusions which depict the true belief of the American people have for both candidates. The majority of the American voters surmise that Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee,Continue reading “Presidential Candidates Under Question of their Mental Fitness?”

Coronavirus: Economic Trends and Issues Facing the Real Estate Industry and What Could be the New Normal

The coronavirus has not just affected our health but as well as our economic safety net. All industries are affected one way or another however it has become a concern for the real estate industry in which relies heavily on social interaction the change will dramatically change the landscape for both residential and commercial. ToContinue reading “Coronavirus: Economic Trends and Issues Facing the Real Estate Industry and What Could be the New Normal”

How Covid-19 is Affecting These 10 California Cities

Stay at home orders were issued across the state starting in March. The coronavirus outbreak allowed for deficits to replace reserves. Below are 10 California cities which have been impacted by the virus who are taking helpful actions to prevent their citizens and businesses from being ravaged. As they fight, they are waiting for theContinue reading “How Covid-19 is Affecting These 10 California Cities”

SB 939 and AB 828: Evictions and Foreclosures in California during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak many issues have come up affecting our communities. One particular issue affecting millions of Californians is rent. How will landlords keep asking tenants to pay rent, when millions of workers in California have lost their jobs due to this pandemic? Members of the California Legislature, Scott Weiner and Phil TingContinue reading “SB 939 and AB 828: Evictions and Foreclosures in California during the Covid-19 Pandemic”

When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

Seeking professional advice from an experienced immigration attorney can save you a lot of time and frustration, especially due to the complexity of the United States’ immigration system. Immigration law is extensive and insanely complicated. Professional assistance is recommended and often needed when it comes to cases that deal with visa applications, green cards, citizenship,Continue reading “When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?”

Top Reasons why you can be Deported from the USA

Although there are different reasons you can get deported from the United States, criminal convictions are the most common reason why many undocumented folks and residents face deportation. Criminal convictions can consist of but are not limited to crimes involving drugs, firearm offenses, aggravated felonies, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Crimes of Moral Turpitude (CIMT)Continue reading “Top Reasons why you can be Deported from the USA”

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