First Presidential Debate sways Voters Opinions

Only two days before President Trump’s hospitalization on Friday, October 2nd, the first presidential debate between President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden featured a chaotic exchange of insults and banter.  The debate consisted of the president repeatedly speaking over his Democratic counterpart and the moderator, Chris Wallace, struggling to mitigate a fire-induced 90-minute spectacle. However, the following two days after the memorable night an NBC News and the Wall Street Journal poll had concluded Joe Biden’s national lead over President Donald Trump to have approximately doubled after Tuesday’s presidential debate. While also finding that voters believe at a ratio 2-to-1 that Biden has the better temperament to be president.

Presidential debate: Trump, Biden spar over Supreme Court, health care,  COVID-19

Now it has been deduced that Biden is ahead of President Trump by 14 points through analysis of registered voters. Before the debate, Biden had sustained a national 8-point lead and has since climbed in numbers now representing Biden’s largest lead during his entire campaign. Yet, these numbers are yet reflective of President Trump’s recent hospitalization, which theorists believe will only hinder Trump’s campaign strategy and portrays the controversial handling of the pandemic as the commander-in-chief. Now, the question steadily arises as to how and whether the Commission on Presidential Debates will hold the second of three presidential debates on October 15th. 

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