Arizona’s Education System and Proposition 208

During the past few years, education became a more prevalent and forefront issue for the State of Arizona. Some may even argue that it is the most important issue. Arizona’s public education system is currently ranked as 49 out of the 50 states. There is a shortage of teachers and very limited resources. Ultimately, education affects the students and future leaders of tomorrow. Proposition 208 aims to provide funding to the public education system. 

Summary of Proposition 208: 

  • Proposition 208 imposes a 3.5% increase on income tax. Specifically, single persons or married persons filing separate taxes with a taxable income of over $250,000 and married couples or single persons who are the head of the household with a taxable income of over $500,000 would receive a 3.5% increase. 
  • Taxes collected will be used to establish the Student Support and Safety Fund. 
    • 50% for hiring and hiring and increasing the base pay for teachers/classroom support personnels
    • 25% for the hiring and increasing base pay for student support services personnels
    • 10% ten percent to mentoring and retention programs
    • 12% twelve percent to the Career Training and Workforce Fund
    • 3% to the Arizona Teachers Academy Fund

While Proposition 208 might seem like the solution to the educational gap some organizations have stated that it will increase taxes but only help administrators not the teachers and the students. Should there be a better solution or do you think Proposition 208 is enough? Does Proposition 208 actually address the problem?

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