Arizona COVID-19 Update

As of January 7th, Arizona has taken its place as the number one COVID-19 hotspot in the world, based on cases per-capita. Health officials are seeing approximately 118.3 new cases for every 100,000 citizens. ICU’s have reached record capacity, with the number of hospitalizations increasing daily at a rapid rate. With this impossible challenge, health-officials are looking for leadershipContinue reading “Arizona COVID-19 Update”

Arizona Officials Rebuke Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud

As President Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud are being debunked across the country, Arizona officials are speaking up. Following Governor Doug Ducey’s certification of Arizona’s election results indicating that Joe Biden had won the state’s Presidential election, President Trump took to Twitter claiming Ducey had betrayed the people of Arizona. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers,Continue reading “Arizona Officials Rebuke Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud”

Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative – Proposition 207 passed.

The Marijuana Industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. This lucrative industry is projected to be about $37 billion in sales by 2024. In 2016, Proposition 205 attempted to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Arizona but it did not pass. Proposition 207 was then introduced to this year’s ballot.    KeyContinue reading “Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative – Proposition 207 passed.”

How Cities are Preparing for Life after November 3rd

We are two days out from Election Day, and as voters continue to drop off their ballots and prepare for the possibility of a contested election, cities are preparing for chaos. No matter the election’s outcome, there are sure to be public demonstrations like we have seen in cities across the country over the last fewContinue reading “How Cities are Preparing for Life after November 3rd”

What Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Means for Our Future

As the election draws closer, President Trump has wasted no time filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court. After the passing of the great Justice Ginsburg, the President appointed judge Amy Coney Barret to fill her spot. She is set to be confirmed by the Senate this Monday, and people are worried about this potential justicesContinue reading “What Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Means for Our Future”

Arizona’s Education System and Proposition 208

During the past few years, education became a more prevalent and forefront issue for the State of Arizona. Some may even argue that it is the most important issue. Arizona’s public education system is currently ranked as 49 out of the 50 states. There is a shortage of teachers and very limited resources. Ultimately, educationContinue reading “Arizona’s Education System and Proposition 208”

Summary and Review: AZ SB1278 – victims’ privacy

In January 2020, Arizona’s 20th district State Senator Paul Boyer introduced SB1278 on the floor. This bill directly deals with the victim’s right to privacy and what information is protected from the defense and their attorneys. He believed that the location and any identifying information of a victim must be removed from any documents givenContinue reading “Summary and Review: AZ SB1278 – victims’ privacy”

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Reopening Guidelines

On  April 29, 2020, Gov. Doug Ducey extended the statewide stay-at-home order until May 15th and introduced guidelines for a slow reopening for the next two weeks. Listed below are the dates, places opening, along with a brief overview of safety measures for both businesses and customers. Before visiting these places, it is important toContinue reading “Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Reopening Guidelines”

Corona Virus Shuts Down Arizona Schools

Arizona governor, Doug Ducey and Superintendent Kathy Hoffman announced Sunday, March 15, a statewide closure of Arizona schools from March 16 through March 27 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  There are now 18 confirmed cases across the state of Arizona and over 3,000 nationwide. Ducey and Hoffan want to ensure the safety of all studentsContinue reading “Corona Virus Shuts Down Arizona Schools”

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