Lawsuit Emerges: NRA Illegally Funded Trump

A Federal lawsuit arises as the NRA is accused of illegally funding Former President Trump’s Campaign and other Republican Candidates. The lawsuit alleges they violated finance laws by using shell companies to illegally raise up to $35 million. This, however, is no news as The Campaign Legal Center founded by Gabrielle Giffords, representing the 8thContinue reading “Lawsuit Emerges: NRA Illegally Funded Trump”

2020 Presidential Race Ends in Maricopa County

The 2020 Presidential race ends in Maricopa County with a narrow margin of voters in Arizona. With the election filled with claims over voter fraud and Arizona being a vital state for Donald Trump’s reelection, republicans hired an independent firm to conduct an audit into the election results in Maricopa county. Last week, the independentContinue reading “2020 Presidential Race Ends in Maricopa County”

Arizona Republicans Speak out Against Election Audit

While the third-party security consultant “Cyber Ninjas” continue to review Arizona ballots alongside volunteer election auditors in the Wesley Bolin Building in Phoenix, some members of the Arizona GOP have become quite vocal about their disapproval and disappointment amidst the post-election spectacle. After a statement made by former President Donald Trump in which he claims,Continue reading “Arizona Republicans Speak out Against Election Audit”

GOP Criticizing Bidens Actions on Immigration

Recently Biden has begun to take some heat for the way he has been handling immigration. Since he has began admitting immigrants, there are people waiting in Mexico for their immigration cases to be processed. Due to this, the GOP wrote a letter to Biden claiming that families waiting in Mexican border towns are sleepingContinue reading “GOP Criticizing Bidens Actions on Immigration”

Georgia Prosecutors launch criminal probe into Trump’s attempt to overturn election results

According to a CNN article, Fulton County Georgia’s new District Attorney — Fani Willis — has opened a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump for his various attempts to “influence the administration of the 2020 Georgia general election.” In a letter sent Wednesday to several Georgia state election officials, the DA’s office has requestedContinue reading “Georgia Prosecutors launch criminal probe into Trump’s attempt to overturn election results”

Lawmakers urge Biden to commute death row sentences

It is no secret that there are thousands of people on death row in the United States. Many people, especially Democratic lawmakers, feel as though the death penalty is a grave injustice in the criminal justice system and that it needs an alternative solution. As of lately, Democratic lawmakers have been urging the President toContinue reading “Lawmakers urge Biden to commute death row sentences”

Who Will President Trump Pardon?

It is customary for a President to pardon or commutate certain individuals at the end of their term. As President Trump’s term comes to a close, he will undoubtedly observe the same practice. While Trump has already issued several pardons, he has exercised his executive power far less than any other U.S. President. Trump’s 29Continue reading “Who Will President Trump Pardon?”

COVID 19 Vaccine: How Close are We?

Canada and the United Kingdom were among the first of three countries to approve and administer the first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. While there are a few similar vaccines in the pipeline, Pfizer is the only company to receive emergency authorization. Comparatively, the United States reported record-breaking case numbers on Wednesday. Earlier today, the first shipmentContinue reading “COVID 19 Vaccine: How Close are We?”

Arizona Officials Rebuke Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud

As President Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud are being debunked across the country, Arizona officials are speaking up. Following Governor Doug Ducey’s certification of Arizona’s election results indicating that Joe Biden had won the state’s Presidential election, President Trump took to Twitter claiming Ducey had betrayed the people of Arizona. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers,Continue reading “Arizona Officials Rebuke Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud”

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