Are We Approaching a Second Lockdown?

With the news splitting its time between election coverage and COVID-19 updates, it seems like 2020 may go on forever. But with a new Presidential Elect and an on going Pandemic, with case numbers spiking all over the country, it is looking like we are heading toward a second lockdown. Today, the United States hasContinue reading “Are We Approaching a Second Lockdown?”

How the World Reacted to President Elect Joe Biden

After a contentious few days, Joesph R Biden was determined to be the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. With claims of voter fraud from the sitting President and an ongoing pandemic, it was interesting to see how the world responded to our new Presidential Elect. The Trump administration has burnt many international bridges duringContinue reading “How the World Reacted to President Elect Joe Biden”

How Cities are Preparing for Life after November 3rd

We are two days out from Election Day, and as voters continue to drop off their ballots and prepare for the possibility of a contested election, cities are preparing for chaos. No matter the election’s outcome, there are sure to be public demonstrations like we have seen in cities across the country over the last fewContinue reading “How Cities are Preparing for Life after November 3rd”

What Amy Coney Barrett’s Conformation Means for Our Future

As the election draws closer, President Trump has wasted no time filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court. After the passing of the great Justice Ginsburg, the President appointed judge Amy Coney Barret to fill her spot. She is set to be confirmed by the Senate this Monday, and people are worried about this potential justicesContinue reading “What Amy Coney Barrett’s Conformation Means for Our Future”

Here’s What to Look for on California’s November Ballot

Prop 14: Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative of 2020  As of 2004, California is a leader in cutting-edge stem cell research. The purpose of Proposition 14 is to provide $5.5 billion in bond funding to develop treatments and cures for diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lower respiratory diseases, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spinalContinue reading “Here’s What to Look for on California’s November Ballot”

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