No More Happy Meals for Russia

McDonalds has announced that it will be closing all of its locations within Russia following President Vladamir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. McDonalds had previously closed 800 restaurants in the country since the war broke out last March, but are now going through with a complete shutdown of their operations in Russia, which will cost theContinue reading “No More Happy Meals for Russia”

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Proposes To Set Aside $600M, Spend $1.8 Billion

Democratic Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, proposed on Wednesday to set aside $600 million of its surplus revenue into a rainy day fund, while spending $1.8 billion on various projects. Included in Gov. Kelly’s blueprint for state spending through June 2023 are renovations to state office buildings, new health department laboratories, and undoing the financialContinue reading “Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Proposes To Set Aside $600M, Spend $1.8 Billion”

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