The Ripples of Europe felt in the Pacific

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has dominated the international spotlight, but it’s important not to lose focus on another rising contender in this new world stage– The People’s Republic of China.  Recently, an international group based in the Pacific known as The Quad (consisting of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States) met toContinue reading “The Ripples of Europe felt in the Pacific”

No SWIFT way around a Security Dilemma

Mounting pressure against the Kremlin continues as the European Union agrees to block more than two-thirds of Russia’s oil imports. This action, compounded with the EU’s decision to cut Russia’s largest bank from the global SWIFT economic system, brings heavy consequences to Putin as his forces move through the Donbass. But is it too late?Continue reading “No SWIFT way around a Security Dilemma”

No More Happy Meals for Russia

McDonalds has announced that it will be closing all of its locations within Russia following President Vladamir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. McDonalds had previously closed 800 restaurants in the country since the war broke out last March, but are now going through with a complete shutdown of their operations in Russia, which will cost theContinue reading “No More Happy Meals for Russia”

Update on the Russo-Ukrainian War

Ever since the Russians began their unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine, they have lost tens of thousands of soldiers and have not been able to capture Kyiv. Therefore on March 29, diplomats from both the Russian and Ukrainian sides agreed to meet in Turkey for peace talks. In what was seen as a rather productive meetingContinue reading “Update on the Russo-Ukrainian War”

AI, Fake News, and War

Over the past several weeks, people across the world have flocked to media and news outlets for information on the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok have become primary news sources for millions of users. However, the algorithmic nature of social media raises a journalistic dilemma. Specifically, obtainingContinue reading “AI, Fake News, and War”

U.S Will Revoke Russia’s Trade Status

Earlier this morning, President Biden announced that him and Congress will work to revoke Russia’s current trade relations status which will make them the third country to not have a normal relationship with the US, alongside North Korea and Cuba. Various other countries, such as Canada and those in the European Union, have already movedContinue reading “U.S Will Revoke Russia’s Trade Status”

Will Banning Russian Oil Hurt the U.S. or Russia?

President Biden announced on March 8, that the United States will ban imports of oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal from the Russian Federation. The real question at play is, will this in turn actually hurt the Russian economy, or will it backfire on the United States? In order for President Biden to be successful withContinue reading “Will Banning Russian Oil Hurt the U.S. or Russia?”

Why Russia Will Fail in the Russo-Ukrainian War

Ever since Russian forces decided to invade the sovereign independent country of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, they have seen economic and military retaliation in a way the Kremlin would’ve never predicted. The Russian Federation has been well underprepared in numerous categories which is why they still haven’t been able to conquer Ukraine’s major cities.Continue reading “Why Russia Will Fail in the Russo-Ukrainian War”

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Impact Space Stations

With NASA’s goal of extending the International Space Station through to 2030, the Ukraine-Russia conflict could significantly halt plans. Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos said on March 1st that it had authority to operate for only two more years and “the issue of extending the agreement in the current conditions causes our skepticism.” Stopping the partnershipContinue reading “Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Impact Space Stations”

FBI’s Law Enforcement Communication System Hacked

On Friday November 12th, a malicious hacker was able to send over one hundred thousand emails from an FBI server. These spam emails were sent to publicly listed administrators of websites published on the American Registry for Internet Numbers, and although the FBI reports the actor was unable to recover any personally identifiable information, thisContinue reading “FBI’s Law Enforcement Communication System Hacked”

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