The Ripples of Europe felt in the Pacific

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has dominated the international spotlight, but it’s important not to lose focus on another rising contender in this new world stage– The People’s Republic of China.  Recently, an international group based in the Pacific known as The Quad (consisting of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States) met toContinue reading “The Ripples of Europe felt in the Pacific”

No SWIFT way around a Security Dilemma

Mounting pressure against the Kremlin continues as the European Union agrees to block more than two-thirds of Russia’s oil imports. This action, compounded with the EU’s decision to cut Russia’s largest bank from the global SWIFT economic system, brings heavy consequences to Putin as his forces move through the Donbass. But is it too late?Continue reading “No SWIFT way around a Security Dilemma”

No More Happy Meals for Russia

McDonalds has announced that it will be closing all of its locations within Russia following President Vladamir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. McDonalds had previously closed 800 restaurants in the country since the war broke out last March, but are now going through with a complete shutdown of their operations in Russia, which will cost theContinue reading “No More Happy Meals for Russia”

US Attitudes Towards Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees

Though Afghan and Ukrainian refugees may find themselves fleeing to the same country, their experiences are starkly different. The treatment of these two groups by the United States (U.S.) do not reflect an even policy nor cultural attitude towards those seeking asylum from hostile governments or a devastating invasion, but rather show a naked biasContinue reading “US Attitudes Towards Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees”

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