Are We Approaching a Second Lockdown?

With the news splitting its time between election coverage and COVID-19 updates, it seems like 2020 may go on forever. But with a new Presidential Elect and an on going Pandemic, with case numbers spiking all over the country, it is looking like we are heading toward a second lockdown. Today, the United States hasContinue reading “Are We Approaching a Second Lockdown?”

How the World Reacted to President Elect Joe Biden

After a contentious few days, Joesph R Biden was determined to be the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. With claims of voter fraud from the sitting President and an ongoing pandemic, it was interesting to see how the world responded to our new Presidential Elect. The Trump administration has burnt many international bridges duringContinue reading “How the World Reacted to President Elect Joe Biden”

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