How the World Reacted to President Elect Joe Biden

After a contentious few days, Joesph R Biden was determined to be the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. With claims of voter fraud from the sitting President and an ongoing pandemic, it was interesting to see how the world responded to our new Presidential Elect.

The Trump administration has burnt many international bridges during their four-year occupation of the White House. But on November 7th, leaders around the world sent their congratulatory messages to Joe Biden and V.P. elect Kamala Harris on her historic achievement. From South Korea to England, it was clear that our allies are happy to see a new administration take charge. The chairman of the foreign affairs committee in Germany even noted that they were excited to revive their relationship with the United States. After Trump’s failure to adequately respond to the Coronavirus, among other missteps, our allies lost confidence in us on the Global Stage. Joe Biden’s victory is a win for the American people and our position on the world stage.

Meanwhile, current President Donald Trump continues to strike up court battles as his days in office dwindle. It will also be interesting to see if Joe Biden will re-enter the Paris Agreement, which Trump’s administration pulled out of. Donald Trump’s exit will be the grand finale to an oppressive regime. Joe Biden hopefully will right America’s position on the world stage and restore professionalism to politics. 

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