Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative – Proposition 207 passed.

The Marijuana Industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. This lucrative industry is projected to be about $37 billion in sales by 2024. In 2016, Proposition 205 attempted to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Arizona but it did not pass. Proposition 207 was then introduced to this year’s ballot.    KeyContinue reading “Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative – Proposition 207 passed.”

Will Arizona be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana?

This November 3rd, voters will not only determine the next U.S. president, but they will also determine the fate of state-wide initiatives that have gathered enough support to make it to their ballot. In Arizona, voters are likely to see an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21 and to provide pardons forContinue reading “Will Arizona be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana?”

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