A Glimpse into California’s Proposition 17 – Voting Rights Amendment

Background and Summary of the Proposal:  California’s State Constitution allows most U.S. citizens to vote, even individuals who are currently in county jail or county probation. But it prohibits individuals who are in state prison or on state parole to register to vote. Proposition 17 will amend the State Constitution and enable individuals on stateContinue reading “A Glimpse into California’s Proposition 17 – Voting Rights Amendment”

Why the Philippines Needs to Maintain US Relations

The United States and the Philippines diplomatic relationship can be traced all the way back to 1946. The diplomatic relationship between these two countries is based on the goal of preserving and strengthening democratic ideals. As the United States oldest ally in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has relied on the United States for economic, humanitarianContinue reading “Why the Philippines Needs to Maintain US Relations”

The United States and Refugees

The United States of America was established around democratic ideals. Democratic ideals such as liberty, self-government, individualism, and equality. Every single year refugees enter the United States in hopes of finding a better and safer environment. National Immigration Forum defines refugees as a “person outside of his or her nationality, who is unable or unwillingContinue reading “The United States and Refugees”

Arizona’s Education System and Proposition 208

During the past few years, education became a more prevalent and forefront issue for the State of Arizona. Some may even argue that it is the most important issue. Arizona’s public education system is currently ranked as 49 out of the 50 states. There is a shortage of teachers and very limited resources. Ultimately, educationContinue reading “Arizona’s Education System and Proposition 208”

How the US is Responding to Food Insecurity

According to the Feeding America Organization food insecurity is defined as “a household’s inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life.” Food insecurity can result in serious health complications and the inability to learn and develop. This year alone estimates show that about 54 million individuals specifically 18 millionContinue reading “How the US is Responding to Food Insecurity”

Summary and Review: AZ SB1278 – victims’ privacy

In January 2020, Arizona’s 20th district State Senator Paul Boyer introduced SB1278 on the floor. This bill directly deals with the victim’s right to privacy and what information is protected from the defense and their attorneys. He believed that the location and any identifying information of a victim must be removed from any documents givenContinue reading “Summary and Review: AZ SB1278 – victims’ privacy”

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