Trump V.S. Pence Feud soon to Come?

According to Axios, President Donald Trump is furious at people in his circle he thinks are not supporting him. That includes Vice President Mike Pence, with Pence having a habit of not being around for Trump’s most damaging moments. Trump thinks that those who are not fighting in his corner are “weak, stupid, or disloyal” and “beneath contempt”. These comments show Trump’s short term appreciation for Pence’s support in investigating the legitimacy for a fair and non-fraudulent election with President-Elect Biden’s victory. Yet, as time goes on and Trump’s heaping amount of lawsuits have consistently failed in proving fraudulent voting, Pence has started to become cognisant of the radicalized message that is perpetuated which contests the sacredness of United States democracy.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence to Appear on '60 Minutes' Together | Hollywood  Reporter

Speculation has risen in providing explanations for Pence’s actions, and one credible thought experiment for this can be accredited to the Lincoln Project, an American political action committee formed in late 2019 by a number of former Republicans. A recent advertisement published by the Lincoln Project had reminded viewers that it is a part of the traditional process for the Vice President to swear in the incoming presidential elect into office, directly involved in the transition. Leaving room for question whether Trump would use that instance of Pence conducting his job properly as a form of betrayal of the highest degree. Pence is left with an ultimatum that is ultimately a no-win situation. Either follow Trump with a high chance of tarnishing his political career, or , leave his ally with a similarly high chance in having future republican prospects (Trumpists) reject him as legitimate candidate. 

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