Moment of Silence

On April 12th Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill which requires public and charter schools to have a moment of silence to begin every school day. Known as House Bill 2707, this says the moment can be used in whatever manner the students and parents would like.

When children go to school, they are put straight to work and are not able to focus on their mental health. Ducey believes this is how you can get children refocused emotionally. It allows them to engage in a moment of silence for a specific period of time everyday. They are able to take this time to reflect, pray, meditate, and simply prepare the day. What they do with this time will be up to the children and their parents.

A previous law only obligated these schools to set time for the pledge however with this they will not be able to take a moment for themselves as well. This bill specifically says that teachers and other school employees are not allowed to suggest what students should think about during this time. Students are also not allowed to interfere with any other students moment of silence.

This was designed in order to allow students to give time to their mental health. This is something that has not be focused on very much in schools which may hurt the way students learn. They are able to reflect or choose something to strengthen their mental health.

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