Protests Against Roe v Wade

Since it was announced that there is a discussion in the supreme court about overturning Roe v Wade, it has become one of the nations biggest stories. The leaked supreme court draft discussing the future of Roe v Wade has sparked hundreds of protests. Activists have began to lead these protests in order to getContinue reading “Protests Against Roe v Wade”

Roe v Wade Potentially Being Overturned

There has been leaked drafts coming from the Supreme Court that would potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. This was the landmark which legalized abortion nationwide. After the draft was leaked the Supreme Court did confirm that it was authentic however, they did clarify that there hasn’t been a final ruling. With that being said, takingContinue reading “Roe v Wade Potentially Being Overturned”

Shooting Near Manassas School

A shooting occurred near the Virginia Middle school in the morning. This occurred at a community flag football game which happened to be at Manassas Middle School. Two people were shot and injured with one being flown to a near by hospital. There has yet to be any information about the conditions of these menContinue reading “Shooting Near Manassas School”

Grand Rapids Shooting

Patrick Lyoya was shot on April fourth during a tragic incident with an officer. An officer who is part of the Grand Rapids Police Department shot Lyoya after allegedly pulling him over for an unregistered license plate. There was several different video cameras pointed at this fatal moment. However, this moment was not long lasting,Continue reading “Grand Rapids Shooting”

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