Uvalde School Shooting

On Tuesday morning an elementary school was attacked by an eighteen year old gunman. It was said that the man fired several hundred rounds during this shooting. This has become known as the deadliest school shooting in Texas history with nineteen students and one teacher being killed.

The public has been very vocal about their concerns for the police protocol at the time of the attack. The officers were said to have encountered the man at 11:44 a.m. However, it took about an hour to force their way in and shoot him. There were no officers outside the school therefore, the shooter was able to walk right in without any stops.

The Police Chef wanted to ensure it was clear that there were officers who responded immediately. However, when they entered they were shot at and injured which led to them needing to call for backup. When they called for backup warned the officers to wear protective gear like body armor and ensure they had a better plan when entering the building.

Those who survived are now stuck with the trauma of this experience. Many of these young children are now expressing their fear of having to go back to school. After interviews with these young children, none of them want to go back in fear of dealing with this again.

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