Shooting Near Manassas School

A shooting occurred near the Virginia Middle school in the morning. This occurred at a community flag football game which happened to be at Manassas Middle School. Two people were shot and injured with one being flown to a near by hospital. There has yet to be any information about the conditions of these men along with their injuries.

According to witnesses, there had been an argument between people on the sidelines. All witnesses say that there was no way to de-escalate the situation because it all happened so fast. They began to yell at one another then suddenly things escalated quickly and it became violent.

According to the witnesses, the perpetrator was standing only a couple inches from the victim. Suddenly, without warning, the man pulled out a handgun and shot him two times. The man then took off running without anyone being able to chase after him. They do not know where the man is or where he escaped to however, they do have the name of the suspect.

Authorities have yet to catch the suspect after he fled the scene. They do know that he was about 5’6″ and had a thin build. Detectives say they are on the look out for the man who will be questioned and charged with attempted murder.

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