Protests Against Roe v Wade

Since it was announced that there is a discussion in the supreme court about overturning Roe v Wade, it has become one of the nations biggest stories. The leaked supreme court draft discussing the future of Roe v Wade has sparked hundreds of protests. Activists have began to lead these protests in order to get their voice heard and are hoping to make a difference.

One large protest was conducted by many New York City high school students. These teens were holding signs that they hoped would send a loud and clear message. They said they planned to protest the anticipated ruling every week until there has been a final opinion released.

Other protests that have taken place are located directly outside two Supreme Court justices homes. The protesters are chanting outside the homes of these two and claimed they would like to impinge on their privacy. These protestors expressing that they will not go backwards in time. The protests have happened everyday since the draft was leaked.

The leaking of this draft has brought out all age groups to come and fight against overturning Roe v Wade. Signs have been created, petitions have been signed, and people have fought over this leaked draft. Protestors believe this is their right which cannot be taken away by the government. The protests will only continue until there has been a final decision made.

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