Grand Rapids Shooting

Patrick Lyoya was shot on April fourth during a tragic incident with an officer. An officer who is part of the Grand Rapids Police Department shot Lyoya after allegedly pulling him over for an unregistered license plate. There was several different video cameras pointed at this fatal moment. However, this moment was not long lasting, each clip of footage capturing the short two minutes and forty second interaction.

Patrick Lyoya moved to Grand Rapids in 2014 in order to start a better life than the one he was living. He came for opportunity and a promising life ahead of him. He was extremely involved in the church and was a part of the Restoration Community Church. He was described as quiet, kind, and loving by his peers.

Photo of Patrick Lyoya

The footage given by the police department is the biggest form of evidence that has been brought up. The video shows Lyoya turning his back to the officer and walking to the front of the car. The officer then grabs him on the shoulders while Lyoya resists the officers touch. It then begins to get violent when the officer tackles him to the ground and pulling out his taser. The officer and Lyoya begin fighting on the ground before the shot is fired.

The autopsy report shows that Lyoya was shot in the back of the head. What is known is that Lyoya was unarmed at the time of the incident. It was noted that there was a bit of a struggle leading up to the shooting. However, at the exact time he was shot Lyoya was facedown on the ground. There is currently an investigation to gather further information about this incident.

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