Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Earlier this week Johnny Depps defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard started. Depp is suing Heard for fifty million dollars because of an article she wrote in which she exposed her supposed trauma of being a domestic abuse victim. Though she did not name Johnny Depp explicitly, it was widely assumed and accepted it was about him. Because of this mass assumption Johnny Depp’s career and reputation was hurt. Heards lawyers continue to reference Depps use and possible abuse of illegal substances, stating that in those times he was more likely to be violent towards Heard.

Johnny Depp trial LIVE: An overview of defamation battle with Amber Heard |  Marca

While the week of questioning has been broadcast across social media platforms, the constant captive audience has noticed the seemingly little things about the trial. Thousands have begun to suspect that Amber Heard’s wardrobe  style has been reflective of Depps as a way to play mind games, everything from hair style to suit color has been free game. Many believe that her choice to repeat his previous days clothing styles is being used as a way to mock him, so he feels less control and is more likely to act out in court. 

The tone of her Op-Ed is accused- by Depp and his lawyers- to play on the emotions of women and up her social status. The language Heard used painted her as the victim in the whole situation, and tried to connect her with being an advocate for women’s rights issues. For both parties, it doesn’t sound like a safe situation. Between allegations of Heard verbally and physically abusing Depp, and his supposed anger issues related to drug and alcohol abuse. The hardest thing for this trial is to remain on track, and focus on the accused defamation rather than get swept up in the celebrity lives of it all.

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