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Doomscrolling and Negative Media

It seems like social media has penetrated every part of life. On one side of the coin, accomplishments and milestones are celebrated with a cute picture with a witty caption on social media. On the other side, extreme lows and boredom prompt people to find relief in mindless media. Doomscrolling is a term that has recently emerged to describe a state in which someone gets trapped in an internet rabbit hole of bad news. Benjamin Johnson, a professor at the University of Florida, believes doomscrolling is a response to seeing bad news. The need to know more about an anxiety inducing situation leads people to seek out information that will alleviate their fears. This condition is exacerbated by algorithms which push negative and polarizing content to keep users on their apps.

How to Prevent Doomscrolling:

There are many ways to stop doomscrolling. Getting out of your social media rabbit hole will improve mental health and the quality of content you see online.

Limit your time on social media with a timer or an app.

Stay mindful about what you consume.

Find things to do offline.

Replace negative content with positive content.

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