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Public Speaking

Public speaking is an oral presentation or speech given in front of a live audience. It is usually a formal or choreographed affair; however, impromptu speeches are typical and can be career-defining. For example, you might think you’re going to a customer meeting only to be called on to explain a procedural or technical topic being discussed. Alternatively, you could sit in a management meeting to observe when you are asked to elaborate on an area of the supporting research and analysis or defend your recommendations.What is Public Speaking?

Benefits of public speaking

Public speaking can help with career advancement, credibility, confidence, and critical thinking skills. It can also help one stand out at work, promote ideas, and present oneself professionally. A North Carolina Cooperative Extension study found that public speaking increased confidence, and meeting a goal was an important factor in increasing student confidence. In addition, public speaking is a great way to improve communication skills and personal development. It can help you learn to take up an opposing view, present your ideas organized and coherently, and defend your opinions to others. It is also a powerful way to unite people under a common cause and motivate them to take action, as well as to make friends, build business contacts, and network with other speakers. The essential details of public speaking include learning performance skills, developing vocabulary and fluency, and learning to argue. Listening may be a lost art, but a public speaking course teaches you to become a better listener.What are the Benefits of Public Speaking?

Five tips for public speaking

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Work From An Outline
  3. Tell A Story
  4. Use Inclusive Language
  5. Prepare For Questions
  6. Five Tips For Better Public Speaking

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