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New Minimum Wage in Arizona

At the start of the new year, Arizona released a new law and regulation regarding the minimum wage upgrade to the state. The minimum wage in Arizona was raised from $12.80 to $13.85 starting January 2023. Over half of the states in the country have raised their minimum wage due to the increase in the price of basic needs. Arizona Minimum Wage in 2023

Two reasons states voted to increase the minimum wage were to help lower poverty and benefit minimum wage workers. Due to the increases in prices for many basic needs, many people were not earning enough to afford these. New Arizona Laws for 2023

There are also other cities in Arizona that increased their minimum wage even more than $13.35. For example, Flagstaff increased their wage to $16.80. Their minimum wage is higher than Arizona’s due to how high their housing prices are. Flagstaff’s minimum wage set to increase to $16.80

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