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6 Studies Everyone Should Know About

Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String

In 2007, Dorian M Raymer and Douglas E Smith published a paper titled Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String. They used mathematical knot theory to analyze the complex knots formed in strings when the string was tumbled in a box. While their main focus was to classify the knots through the use of knot theory, which provides an interesting look into a problem any of us have faced if we have a box of tangled shoelaces or a jewelry box with an especially-overwhelming mess of intertwined old necklace chains.

Water-Induced Finger Wrinkles Improve Handling of Wet Objects

Ever wonder why your fingers get pruney when you do the dishes or sit in a bathtub for a while? Well, Kyriacos Kareklas, Daniel Nettle, and Tom V. Smulders from the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, published a paper explaining this phenomenon and directly addresses some common flimflam.

The Case of the Disappearing Teaspoons: Longitudinal Cohort Study of the Displacement of Teaspoons in an Australian Research Institute

In the mood for a good mystery? Megan S C Lim,   Margaret E Hellard, and Campbell K Aitken have just the solution. After setting out to determine the overall rate of loss of workplace teaspoons. They found a fascinatingly rapid loss, proving that teaspoons when left in the workplace, faced a significant threat.

Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken

While this paper is completely unreadable, it’s incredibly funny. This paper, also a scientific talk, was presented by Doug Zongker through the University of Washington. Completed with important charts, footnotes, and graphs showing the chicken chicken chicken chicken, this paper is a must-read.

Failure is Also an Option

This paper, written by Antoine Amarilli, Marc Beunardeau, Rémi Géraud, and David Naccache, was written in defense of failure. This study follows the world’s most famous walking event, The Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, and how this event proves how strategic failure is key to achieving the optimal strategy.

The Dead Salmon Study

The paper Neural Correlates of Interspecies Perspective Taking in the Post-Mortem Atlantic Salmon: An Argument For Proper Multiple Comparisons Correction, also known as ‘The Dead Salmon Study,’ is a study performed by Craig M. Bennett, Abigail A. Baird, Michael B. Miller, and George L. Wolford. This study focused on testing an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) machine, which measures the change in blood oxygen levels in the brain as tasks are performed. However, if you’d rather read an interesting publication about the study rather than the original paper, I would recommend this link.


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