A Closer Look at Arizona’s Ballot Initiatives

Proposition 207 – Marijuana Legalization Initiative This proposition aims to legalize the use, purchase, and transport of marijuana for people who are 21 years of age or older. People also have the ability to grow marijuana plants, although there are restrictions on the quantity and location. Smoking marijuana in public and driving under the influenceContinue reading “A Closer Look at Arizona’s Ballot Initiatives”

ICE, Roe, and the Future of Women’s Reproductive Rights

In 1973, the Supreme Court provided a ruling in Roe v. Wade that upheld women’s right to have abortions. Although the decision was somewhat restrictive about the conditions required for abortion, it nonetheless served as not only a landmark decision for abortion rights, but for women’s right to privacy. It set the precedent for women’sContinue reading “ICE, Roe, and the Future of Women’s Reproductive Rights”

Immigrants Under T.P.S. May Be Forced Out of the United States

For nearly 30 years, immigrants from ten countries have been guarded by the “temporary protective status” program and allowed to live in the United States. In 1990, Congress established an Immigration Act under President George H. W. Bush. This legislation granted, “Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to foreign nationals from nations experiencing excessively difficult living conditionsContinue reading “Immigrants Under T.P.S. May Be Forced Out of the United States”

Here’s What to Look for on California’s November Ballot

Prop 14: Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative of 2020  As of 2004, California is a leader in cutting-edge stem cell research. The purpose of Proposition 14 is to provide $5.5 billion in bond funding to develop treatments and cures for diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lower respiratory diseases, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spinalContinue reading “Here’s What to Look for on California’s November Ballot”

House Subpoena Power Diminished by U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. Circuit Court strikes down House Democrats’ attempt to compel former White House Counsel Donald McGahn (pictured above) to testify. Last year, prior to the impeachment investigation of President Trump, House Democrats subpoenaed Donald McGahn, former White House Counsel. The House Judiciary Committee sought to examine McGahn’s role in the investigation regarding Russian intervention inContinue reading “House Subpoena Power Diminished by U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals”

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