US Attitudes Towards Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees

Though Afghan and Ukrainian refugees may find themselves fleeing to the same country, their experiences are starkly different. The treatment of these two groups by the United States (U.S.) do not reflect an even policy nor cultural attitude towards those seeking asylum from hostile governments or a devastating invasion, but rather show a naked biasContinue reading “US Attitudes Towards Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees”

Eco- Fascism and how environmentalism isnt always left-leaning

 With every passing year it seems we get closer and closer to not being able to turn back in terms of environmental destruction. And when most people think of environmentalists themselves, white hippies pop up in their mind. The flower children who started the recycling movement, and petition the government to end harmful activities likeContinue reading “Eco- Fascism and how environmentalism isnt always left-leaning”

Why HBO’S Minx Should be Far More Popular

HBO is known for taking a more provocative step towards television, with classic shows like Sex and the City or new age shows like Euphoria they make content that grips viewers. They have not fallen short with their new show Minx. Minx follows a young woman in the 1970s who has set out, seemingly since birth, to create her feministContinue reading “Why HBO’S Minx Should be Far More Popular”

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